Wednesday, January 17, 2007

REVIEW: BLACKDEATH's "Satan Macht Frei"

If you are unfamiliar with BLACKDEATH, on the "Satan Macht Frei" album and previous releases, they are a Russian two-member black metal project from Russia, that began releasing tapes on their label, Hungry AK-47 Productions. They began as Black Draugwath and evolved into BLACKDEATH. Though they are not named after the "plague" itself, specifically, their music can be described as one. The vocals are wrought with tormented sounds, climaxing in piercing prolonged screams and spazmodic retches and blurts (on this album sung in German) that run through the mind again and again, unceasingly, after it is heard, coiling convulsing shivering with a sneering ecstacy, ... the spitfire ammunition of the lyrics delivered in this frenzied and diabolical riot and fever. The riff's echo this tone and march onward with a militant purpose, full of dread and the evil soundscapes embrace the listening ear. The music are founded upon a violently played and raw guitar that buzz and corrode away into each powerful moment and they sway along to emotionless drums that create the storm of sound achieved, which impressively conveys the Russian nationality/nature of the band. "Satan Macht Frei" takes the recipe of sound created by Darkthrone on "Transylvanian Hunger" and mixes this with the resounding and maniacal music that declares the triumphant call of wild, unbridled, evil in man; it posseses those who can understand and relate to the emotions therein. The album has recently found release on vinyl format by Niessedrion after being available fro several years on the cd released by the mighty Drakkar.

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