Friday, December 15, 2006

REVIEW: Katharsis - vvorld vvithout end

Norma Evangelium Diaboli - 2006

I must warn you first. This recording stands for all that is feral and possessed in black metal...There is no ambient nature involved, no serenity, or quiet seething... Only a truly demented, chaotic, blitzkrieg of torturous sounds and images are presented here in a whirlwind of sneering and reckless abandon. This latest full-length by Katharsis is not as easily digestible or as immediately gratifying as the prior Katharsis tirades: "666" & "Kruzifixxion" . They have gone really very wacky with the creative distorted words in the song titles on this one as well ("Kross Fyre" / "Ghoulgotha"). The vinyl and CD both look exceptional, though the vinyl has superior depictions of the band members inside (somewhat similar to the Cattle Decapitation "Decapitacion" spanish language 7 inch). Musickly, Katharsis seem to always deliver their unique take on what I would say is a completely savage and corrosive black metal attack. They truely throw all their might into the final track, the title cut, a long black metal suite-a song which abolishes the rules and serves as the apocalyptic standout, tour-de-force, denoumement, and also serves as the most sophisticated piece of music on the album. The Katharsis vocal now featured on this release has a very trippy slapback delay "echoed beyond recognition" vibe. Truly outstanding. The guitars are still seething, but there seems to be a humble old-school craziness to it like they've been getting more into totally "uncatchy" and thrashy true metal stuff of old, for instance I find a good comparison to be SODOM's "obsessed by cruelty." Extreme wicked and destructive musical visions are shared by both. Katharsis are also not afraid to incorporate possessed-by-criminal-INSANITY type of sinister "cackling" into their music---the laughter of the vvytch it must be. What you must do is just keep listening to this album over and again, and just indulge in the complete turbulence and damage that this band is seeking (for themselves and the world around them). Do not expect a simple or "expected" first listen, even for the devoted fans. As noted on the album: "WE MUST SECURE THE DEPRAVATION OF THE CHILDREN AND THE RUIN OF THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD."